I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

“Only a cat could have written this treasury of cat-think. Poetry and prose certain to entertain and amuse every cat lover. Even the human ones. The book is a small hard-cover that fits on a table without taking up a lot of space.
Easily knocked to the floor. Repeatedly. Type is large enough for a geezer (like my person) to enjoy even in less-than-adequate light. Cat portraits showing our furry brethren in cute and/or compromising poses illustrate the pages.
While reading the poetry I keep saying, “Just like Mystery” or “Just like Sparx” or “Just like Pogo”, etc.

I enjoyed it very much and trust that everyone will.
2 dewclaws up!” ~ Jac William Stein, Amazon Verified


The Crazy Cat Lover’s Handbook

“We have one crazy cat. 7 years old and with a kind of phobia against every loud noise, children and strangers. This book helped us to understand our crazy little tiger better – and help him to calm down more easy. You find nearly everything. From feeding to diseases, from petting the cat the right way to the right grooming; a gook handbook for everyone who loves his cat. The best: it is written in a really entertaining way and there are a lot of funny images in each part of the book. Good guide!” ~ Peter S., Amazon Verified


Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)

“The human person who wrote this book, truly understands the feline higher life form. I would make him an honorary cat if I had that option. Oh, oh…gotta go. My personal servant who thinks this is her iPad is headed this way! One last thought…great gift for all the special cat lovers you know.” ~Lynxwoman, Amazon Verified