How PetLuvz Custom Paintings Work


Hire Shaley to paint your pet. Provide copies of your best photos. Discuss any special requests, including your background or art/style preferences.


Shaley creates your PetLuvz design by using a combination of watercolor and computer design—there are no paper originals.


Shaley provides you with digital files that you can use to create Zazzle products for yourself, family, or friends. See Terms.


If you select option A, Shaley may create publicly available Zazzle products with your pet(s) on them. Check back often! See Options and Costs.

Add your pet to Shaley’s schedule for painting

If you want a special pet painting of your petluvz, I’ve added 2 options to prioritize getting your pet’s picture painted. Note that I never agree to painting a pet without seeing the picture of it first. This is purely to ensure that I can see enough detail to make a nice painting. I’ll work with you to get a better picture if needed.

By paying for a PetLuvz design, you agree that you own the photo submitted (you have copyrights), and you also agree to have your photo painted by PetLuvz artist, Shaley DeGiorgio. See why you must own the photo you submit in our FAQ.

Colette, the French Poodle

Special Request: Change collar to match new design (copper color leather with large jewels)

Products Created: Poster, December in Year of the Dog calendar, handbag, Christmas card, baby bib

Options and Costs

Inquire about Having your Pet Painted

It's also okay to contact me via:

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Barkley, the Golden Retriever

Special Request: Create poster design

Products Created: Cover and February in Year of the Dog calendar, iPhone cases, poster